What is the Mermaid Facial? 


In a nutshell, a basic facial for skin retention, using B3 and B5 to achieve a balance of water and oil , helps keep skin moisturized at times and reduce excessive secretion of oil. Generally, 10 treatments can achieve a desired result. However, the effect varies from person to person. 


Mainly for: 

Sensitive/ dry/ combination skin (Oil skin can go for B3) 

Often covered skin with makeup

Dark particles skin

Dull Skin


Main ingredients: 

15% glycolic acid helps exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal brighter layers of skin


40% hyaluronic acid B5, the highest concentration in the market, rehydrates the skin and helps it retain moisture


B5 Gel Mask, a natural humectant 


Collagen peptide helps firming, lifting, and smoothing fine lines 


B3 helps with oily skin, to balance water and oil and solves acne problems


(Original Price per facial: $680 B5/ $1280  with Laser 1064, enjoy the discount while it last!)

2210 + 5485

5+5 Mermaid Facial & Hydrafacial (total 10 treatments) (35% OFF)

HK$11,840.00 一般價格
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